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OCR Markdesk

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

    The automatic text recognition runs via an online service with excellent detection rates!
    The program identifies text components in the sketch and pastes detected values into a table.

    Of course you can even change the detected values manually.


  • ... or manual marking

    The manual tagging of elements is incredibly easy! Open your drawings and change the size of your marking rectangle by using the arrow keys.
    Click on the area to be marked and assign your ID. In case this area is too small, please use the zoom function. Afterwards select the next area and so on ...

  • Optimized for Batch Processing

    Whether you use OCR, set your markers manually or work with a combination of the two - OCR Markdesk allows you to edit large amounts of drawings without any problems! This is made possible by an intuitive usability and an eminently efficient user surface.

  • CSV Export


    Your tags will be saved automatically in .CSV format beside your image file. By reloading the image, the belonging .CSV file will be associated automatically and your tags will be displayed directly. A manual import of your files is  possible as well.
    Use the resulting CSV in your applications or online shop.